Lighting for
armored vehicles



Intelligent LED Lighting Systems

Ein-Hashofet Lighting Industries is an Israeli leader in the manufacturing and marketing of lighting solutions. Ein-Hashofet a consilidation of companies that provide a perfect solution to all the customers' needs. Starting 2021, with COVID-19 as a catalizator, Eltam Ein-Hashofet and Steinitz-Lirad joined forces to establish a one-stop lighting solution provider with over 100 years of joint experience.


Lighting for Armored Vehicles

LED based Israeli made Military standard, heavy-duty Interior lights, Map lights, Signaling and IR lights.

Horticulture Lighting

Special high-quality lighting systems for High intensity applications such as Algae, Cannabis or other corps, using passive or active cooling technics. 

Poultry house lighting

Specially designed dimmable lighting systems for poultry. Up to 200 LED with ELTAM-EH's 1-10V dimmer.

Infrastructural lighting

As one of the strongest brands in the lighting market, ELTAM-EH provides various lighting solutions and LED luminaires for municipalities, factories and offices.


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